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Software development kits

Here you'll find our officially maintained SDKs. They make it easy to interact with our API, implement our Best practices, and save you from writing boilerplate. We'll list them alphabetically by platform.

Name Platform Build status  
Android SDK Android SDK Android Build Status GitHub
cURL cURL cURL Not applicable
TransloaditKit TransloaditKit iOS & macOS Build Status GitHub
jQuery SDK jQuery SDK jQuery Build Status GitHub
Multipart Form Multipart Form HTML2 Not applicable
Uppy File Uploader Uppy File Uploader HTML5 Build Status GitHub
Node SDK Node SDK Node.js Build Status GitHub
Transloadify Transloadify CLI Build Status GitHub
PHP SDK PHP SDK PHP Build Status GitHub
Ruby SDK Ruby SDK Ruby Build Status GitHub
Python SDK Python SDK Python Build Status GitHub
Rails SDK Rails SDK Rails Build Status
Go SDK Go SDK Go Build Status GitHub
Java SDK Java SDK Java Build Status GitHub
Zapier Integration Zapier Integration Zapier Not applicable
Heroku Addon Heroku Addon Heroku Not applicable
Terraform Provider Plugin Terraform Provider Plugin Terraform Build Status GitHub
20% off any plan for the Uppy community
Use the UPPY20 code when upgrading.
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20% off any plan for the tus community
Use the TUS20 code when upgrading.
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Product Hunt
20% off any plan for Product Hunters
Use the PRH20 code when upgrading.
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