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No More Google

Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that do not keep track of you. The final week of September saw the launch of nomoregoogle, providing alternatives to all Google products for those who do not want to share their private information with a global corporation. Explore and experiment! ›

Building Your Color Palette

Like a lot of developers, we always wished we could make ideas look awesome without relying on a graphic designer. In this article, you will learn how to design beautiful user interfaces by yourself using some easy tactics. Read post ›

Announcing FoundationDB Document Layer

On November 29, the FoundationDB "Document Layer" was open sourced. It is a document-oriented database that extends the core functionality of the FoundationDB key-value store, providing the robustness of FoundationDb as an easy-to-use document database with a MongoDB-compatible API. In many cases this can be a drop-in replacement. Check out the full article. ›

Launching Turbo Mode in public beta

Wouldn't it be nice to have an even faster way of encoding your videos? One of the latest things we have come up with here at Transloadit is "Turbo Mode". Let's see how this new addition can be implemented. Read post ›

Behind the Scenes: a Look at the New Dashboard

We have just designed a new and improved dashboard for all Transloadit users to enjoy! It has a more modern look and streamlined interfaces. We wrote an introduction where we dive into the changes and show all the improvements that have already been made. Learn More! ›