Our love for open source is certainly no secret and Transloadit has been steadily open sourcing our juiciest projects. As with all code, these projects require an ongoing commitment to fix bugs and make improvements. However, governing our SDKs and some of our more successful projects, such as tus.io and uppy.io, while also running the Transloadit company, was becoming too great of a task for our small team.

It became clear that it was once again time to bolster our ranks.

Before we had really decided how to proceed with this, one of our founders – who happens to be a Hacker News addict – saw a thread pop up over there, asking the question: who is hiring?

“Well”, we thought, “since you’re asking, as a matter of fact, we just might be!”

We left a note in that thread and soon after, our inbox was flooded with responses from interested parties. To keep things fair and transparent, we quickly put up a real vacancy and advertised it on Twitter, since we prefer to source candidates through our own networks as well. This netted us another large chunk of candidates.

We were overwhelmed by the response. We would like to think the enthusiasm came as a result of our friendly nature, but it is more likely that we thank it to the fact that most of our work happens in the public domain. Whichever is the case, we're not complaining! Transloadit’s founders, Tim and Kevin, then decided it was best to retreat to Osnabrück – which is, as far as public transportation is concerned, right in the middle between their hometowns of Amsterdam and Berlin. Cut off from their daily routines, they sat down with the intention to bring the large pool of candidates down to just one, or maybe two, part-timers to help water all of our open source plants. 🌻

After three days of reviewing and comparing notes, it became clear that we would be fools to let some of these candidates slip away. After ample consideration, the list of potential candidates was brought down to three excellent contenders. And those three were just too good to let go.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the three newest members of our team.

Further Introductions

Adrian Sinclair

Adrian's avatar

Adrian is studying Philosophy at UMBC, just having started his third year. He first learned to program about eight years ago – at the ripe old age of eleven – and software has been a great passion ever since. His technical interests include programming languages, Unix systems programming, audio processing, P2P decentralized communication, and game engine development. Adrian also loves to put his skills to the test in various hackathons, and he has taken home prizes at several events. You can find out more about Adrian on his GitHub. Having familiarized himself with the Transloadit service by working on our Node.js SDK, Adrian is currently working on a top secret project that we soon hope to unveil!

Ifedapo Olarewaju

Ife's avatar

Ifedapo is a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. He has worked as a consultant for many different startups and corporations, as a result of which he has been picking up many new skills in various technologies. He has considerable experience with Python, JavaScript, and Java. In his spare time, he loves picking up more technologies and he would like to launch more open source projects, as well as a startup of his own. You can check out Ife’s GitHub here. At Transloadit, Ife is working on maintaining and modernizing all of our SDK’s, as well as making them 100% API feature-complete. He just completed doing that for our Ruby SDK, and he is currently working on creating an open source tus.io 1.0 client in Python.

Rooshy Roy

Rooshy's avatar

Rooshy (Rushania) Roy originally hails from Russia, but is now living in Texas. Before settling there, she traveled around Europe, Asia and Africa, and studied and lived in Canada and the US. She loves learning about new cultures and is especially fond of trying their foods. Rooshy has a background in design and considerable experience in marketing and web development. Having already become proficient in Ruby on Rails, she would now like to move more towards a Node.js and Go programming-focused role, and Transloadit aims to help her with that through our Academy project. In the meantime, Rooshy will be putting her skills in Ruby, SEO, marketing, language and design to great use by improving the Transloadit website, as well as the website for a soon-to-be-announced open source project. You can find Rooshy on GitHub.

Adrian, Ife and Rooshy, welcome aboard!

Going Global

Founded by two Germans and a Dutchman, Transloadit has of course been internationally oriented from the very start. With each round of additions to our team, however, more cultures and nationalities are invited into our virtual office. That is something we are quite proud of! This latest round of hirings not only means that things are beginning to look a bit more lively on the US side of things, but we are now also taking our first steps into Sub-Saharan Africa. Exciting stuff!

Check out this cool map that shows nicely where everyone drinks their coffee, before meeting up at the water coolers of our Slack-powered virtual office.

Map of the world with locations of all Transloadit team members marked, as well as the location of the two Transloadit data-centres.

Transloadit, brought to you by The World! 🌏 ❤️

Working remote certainly poses its challenges, and with founders across Europe you might argue it was more necessity than choice. Be that as it may, we are proud to be a Remote First company, and today we're celebrating that our machines, as well as our humans, are distributed across the globe, so we made this map available interactively on our team page as well. 😄