We would like you to meet the two newest members of our robot family, the /azure/store Robot and the /softlayer/store Robot. These latest additions to our line-up will allow you to export your files to even more external cloud storage providers. ✨

Microsoft Windows Azure

Our azure store robot

With our /azure/store Robot you will be able to store your files on Azure's Blob Storage, as is documented here. For further information and demos, you can take a look at the Robot's full documentation.

The /azure/store Robot has support for all the parameters that the Azure blob storage API offers.

IBMCloud Softlayer

Our softlayer store robot

The /softlayer/store Robot stores files for you in Softlayer. This Robot's full documentation and demos can be found here.

All Softlayer storage API parameters are supported by the /softlayer/store Robot.

We hope these robots will prove to be useful to you!